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Our Expertise

For the founders of Pixel Acuity, the preservation of our cultural heritage remains our highest priority. We’ve dedicated our careers to digitizing material artifacts through technically superb and aesthetically appropriate photo documentation.

Our combined expertise allows us to bring over half a century of imaging experience to every project. The practical knowledge we’ve accumulated enables us to manage the digital reformatting process of collections for virtually any need, including documentation through high-end publications.

As imaging professionals fully immersed in the ethos of the cultural heritage community, we blend our unique insiders’ viewpoint with superior technical knowledge, enabling us to offer customer service unparalleled in our field. With our seasoned perspective and valued connections, we can provide the appropriate equipment and offer the particular skills necessary for any imaging project. We fully appreciate the need to seamlessly blend in with your institution’s daily operations, and we are able to create workflows employing state-of-the-art technologies that adapt to your project’s goals and end-use requirements.

A highly specialized company, we’ve aided major institutions with their digitization efforts. We look forward to facing the challenges that your preservation project presents.

Museums and Institutions

The partners at Pixel Acuity have accumulated over half a century of hands-on experience digitizing cultural heritage in all its forms, including fine arts as well as a vast array of scientific collec ... Read More...


Our founders’ experience provides significant assistance to libraries, as witnessed in our transformative work with The New York Public Libraries’ digital imaging program. The library system’s e ... Read More...


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Natural History Collections

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Corporate Art Collections

A vast amount of our cultural heritage is contained within corporate art collections. Pixel Acuity is dedicated to applying museum-quality methodologies and standards to the imaging of these collectio ... Read More...

Private Collections

The partners of Pixel Acuity have worked with scores of private collectors across the country. Whether you require insurance documentation or high-quality images for an art catalogue, we develop a dig ... Read More...

Negatives Slides

Digital imaging for negatives / slides - digital capture of transparent film formats Digital Imaging for Negatives, Slides and other Transparent / Transmissive Materials High resolution digital captur ... Read More...


Object Photography - fine art and cultural object photography Digital Photography of Objects in Collections Ultra High Resolution images capable of oversized reproduction for graphics and marketing ap ... Read More...

Project Planning

Project Planning - resources for planning a digital conversion or archive project Many organizations know they have a need for creating, or converting to, a digital archive, but starting the process c ... Read More...

“Pixel Acuity consistently delivers high-quality, professional images with an attention to detail that is second to none. Working with their team, collaboration and project integration couldn’t have been easier.”

~Patricia King, Colby College Museum of Art


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